Be Your Own Architect

(1:15 - 2:30)

Sketch it Out
(1:15 - 1:30)
Using graph paper take some time to sketch out your space. Be sure to include offices, doorways and bookshelves.

Closer Look at Your Space
(1:30 - 1:45)
Obviously, you cannot rebuild the library at your school, so you need to be the architect of your space. So let's take some time to reflect on your space.

Gallery Walk
(1:45 - 2:30)
Post your sketch in the hallway using the tape provided. After you have posted your sketch, take time to look at the sketches of other media centers. Using a sticky note, place a comment on each sketch identifying areas that work well or maybe some suggestions.

After the gallery walk is completed, collect your sketch and comments. Take a few minutes to consider how you might restructure your space to make it a more interactive learning space. Be ready to share your sketch and possible changes you are now considering with the group.

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