Trends in School Libraries


Expert Group Activity
There are a lot of great things happening in school libraries right now. We're going to take some time to learn more about those today. Divide up into groups of 5 or more. Assign each person to one of the groups below. We will run this like a jigsaw activity, and each person will be responsible for going back to the original group to share what they learned. Each person should complete a review form to record relevant information to take back to the original group.

Makerspace LiveBinder
Renovated Learning Blog by Diana Redina
Stories from Our Makerspaces (April TL Virtual Cafe Presentation)
Makerspace Symbaloo

3D Printing
3D Printing in Your Libraries and Classrooms
3D Printing and More in the Library Media Center
3D Printing Can Inspire Collaboration and Innovation in Many Academic Subject Areas
How (and Why) to Get Started with 3D Printing in the Classroom
A Look at Using 3D Pens in the Classroom

Augmented Reality
QR Codes and Augmented Reality - When and Where to Use Each
Use Aurasma to Create Augmented Reality Choose-Your-Own Adventure Activities
Aurasma Book Hunt
Tons of Classroom Examples Using Augmented Reality @Aurasma
Two Guys and Some iPads: Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality Apps Practice

Hour of Code
7 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills
Teach Kids How to Code and You Give Them a Skill for Life
What Most Schools Don't Teach
Code Maven and Game Maven Teach Kids to Program Their Own Games
Scratch Tutorial
Ted Talk: Let's Teach Kids to Code

Library Centers
How I Use Library Stations
Blogs - these are a few blogs that have multiple library center examples
Library Centers Pinterest Board
Continuously Learning in the Library - Library Centers

Home Group Activity
Each person should share information about their assigned topic. After each person has shared, and you have had time to discuss each of the trends, as a group please answer the following questions on chart paper.
  • What do you find most interesting about these trends? (Label on chart paper as Interesting)
  • What questions do you have about these trends? (Label on chart paper as Questions)
  • Which trend do you want to learn more about? Each person should respond to this. (Label on chart paper as Learn)
  • Reflect on the role libraries in schools. How has this changed over time? Why are trends like these important to the future of school libraries? How does this impact the physical library space? (Label on chart paper as Reflection)

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