(10:15 - 11:30)

Basics of Coding
Coding really doesn't have to be difficult. Today we are going to explore some ways to use coding. As we work through the activities, think about what students can learn from these experiences.

My Robotic Friends
Coding doesn't even have to involve devices. Let's explore a low tech way to teach the skills needed for coding.

Coding with Personal Devices
Take a minute to download Lightbot: Code Hour onto your personal device. You can find the links for these in your mini booklet and listed below. If you don't have a personal device, practice with a neighbor or borrow a device from the facilitators. Don't be afraid to get up an put yourself in the program.

Lightbot iOS
Lightbot GP

Building a Galaxy with Code
Every Jedi needs a galaxy to protect. Use this resource from Code.org to get started.

Building a Galaxy with Code

Not in the mood for Star Wars? You can do some coding with Anna and Elsa too.

Code with Anna and Elsa

How to Make a Mini Booklet
Master the Basics of Coding Mini Booklet
Coding in the Library
Code Academy
CS Unplugged
Hour of Code Suggestions by Grade Level

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