051017 Marketing

Marketing and Advocacy

Different Points of View
Take a few minutes to reflect on your practice and perceptions of the media center. Fill out a sticky note for each of the following and place it on the associated piece of poster paper (indicated beside each question).
  • What do you do? (Personal)
  • What does your principal think you do? (Principal)
  • What do teachers think you do? (Teachers)
  • What do students think you do? (Students)
  • Name one song to describe your media center. (Songs)

We are going to take a closer look at the first four posters. In your assigned group, review the comments posted on your poster. Together with your group determine any commonalities and record those on the poster. Share your findings with the group.

What accounts for the differences in each of these areas? How do we change perceptions or improve our practice?

Principal Relationships
How do you interact with your principal? Better yet, do you interact with your principal? How do you get your principal on your side? Take a few minutes to review the post below by Doug Johnson.

7 Tips for Making your Principal Your Ally

Below you will find some examples of annual reports created by school librarians.

Be prepared to give us a brief overview of the annual report you reviewed.
  • What do you like?
  • What improvements would you recommend?
  • What information/data was used to compile this report?

Connect the Dots
How do the activities completed during this section fit into advocacy and marketing? What are your plans for moving forward?

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