June 8, 2015 - Swain

All About Appearances? (45 minutes)
Does the physical presentation of the school library send an unintentional message? Do stakeholders feel welcome?

Let's take a look at what Doug Johnson has to say about facilities in his book The Indispensable Librarian. Take notes as you read, and be prepared to share an overview of your section of the text. Also, think about ideas that stand out, questions, and implications for your school library.

  • What elements of Johnson's chapter devoted to facilities really stands out to you?
  • What concerns or questions come to mind as you read the text?
  • How can you incorporate some of the ideas (social learning space, multimedia production and presentation, teaching spaces, etc.) into your school library?


Enhancing Library Space (90 minutes)
There are a lot of factors that go into designing library space. Take a few minutes to complete this physical space reflection (top portion of Google doc).

MacGyver Librarianship
So let's get in the right frame of mind and start thinking outside the box on how to enhance our library space. Here's a recent episode of TL Virtual Cafe to get us jump started. Be sure to make some notes about ideas that stand out to you.

MacGyver TL Virtual Cafe Wikipage

How Can You Enhance the Library?
  • What observations come to mind as you completed this reflection?
  • What are changes you can make immediately to your space to make the space more appealing and functional for students?

Take a few minutes to complete the second half of your reflection indicating actions and a timeline for making changes. Be sure to ask your colleagues for suggestions.

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