June 9, 2015 - Swain

Standards Connection (5 minutes)
The following rubric descriptors from the SLMC instrument address collaboration.
  • Understands the significance of a collaborative media program and its impact on student learning.
  • Provides leadership in collaboratively planning, promoting and sustaining the school library media program, services, and resources.
  • Supports and participates in professional learning communities.
  • Collaborates with teachers to integrate information and instructional technology into all curricular areas.
  • Collaborates with teachers to develop culturally relevant classroom instructional practices.
  • Collaboratively designs differentiated instruction that assures the integration of content, pedagogy, and technology across the curriculum.
  • Facilitates the collaborative design of learning experiences that cultivate creativity and critical thinking.
  • Communicates the connection between a flexibly scheduled school library media program, collaboration with classroom teachers, and student learning.
  • Collaboratively plans, implements, and assesses inquiry-based instruction.
  • Communicates data that illustrate the connection between an open and flexibly scheduled library media program, collaboration with classroom teachers, and student learning.
  • Collaborates with school staff to incorporate participatory and social learning into their instructional practices.
  • Provides leadership in collaboratively assessing, evaluating, and synthesizing information resources to support teaching and learning.
  • Collaborates with stakeholders to use action research findings in the implementation of the school library media program.

Collaboration vs. Cooperation (10 minutes)
Take two sticky notes and write the definition of collaboration on one and the definition of cooperation on the other.


  • How are these the same? How are these different?
  • Do teachers understand the difference? Do we?

Thinking About Collaboration (30 minutes)
There are several pieces of chart paper around the room with the following questions about collaboration. Take a few minutes to think about your responses to these questions, then go to each piece of chart paper to record your thoughts. You can record multiple thoughts on each question.

  • What are some of the common roadblocks that prevent us from collaborating with teachers?
  • What are some positive examples of collaboration that have taken place at your school?
  • How have you collaborated with the TLC at your school?
  • How do you let teachers know that you are available to collaborate with them?

Collaboration and Reflection
The Power of Collaboration
Building a Culture of Collaboration
Cybraryman Collaboration

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