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NCWiseOwl: New and Improved Just for You!
Wilkes County Public Schools


Let's set the stage for our learning today with a KWL Chart.

KWL Chart

NCWiseOwl Toolkit

Taking Flight with NCWiseOwl

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Learning Outcomes: Participants will....

  • learn to use NCWiseOwl for more than just research
  • discover differentiation features that can assist with personalized learning
  • explore how NCWiseOwl can support your professional growth

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Now you have had time to travel through parts of the NCWiseOwl world. Take some time with your group to think about some of the things you
have learned about NCWiseOwl that you didn't know before.

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  • Who would benefit from knowing more about NCWiseOwl?
  • How would you share it with your peeps?
  • What did you learn today that would help others with their flight pattern?

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You want to be a leader in your flock, get started today and do one of the following:
  • Either email or tweet someone from your school or district one thing you learned that could help them take flight tomorrow.
  • Send yourself an email with a reminder, a to-do list or resources that will help pad your nest.

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Five Ways to Support a Flipped Classroom with Digital Resources: White Paper

Contact Information
Jennifer Northrup
Western Region Digital Teaching and Learning Consultant
NCWiseOwl Support

Donna Murray
Digital Content, Coaching and Communications Consultant